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Edibles are on the rise across the nation and, the process for infusing cannabinoids into food and drink can be traced back thousands of years. These days, people enjoy a variety of cannabis-infused edibles. Among these is the famous pot cookie.

Pot cookies aren’t just popular because people love pot and cookies – though that’s a lot of it. They’re also a great way to deliver ingested cannabis to people who’d rather not smoke. In many cases, cannabis is better ingested than inhaled.

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What Kind Of Marijuana Cookies Are Out There?

Tasty cookie with marijuana leaf on white background, closeup
They’re like regular cookies, but with weed.

Cannabis cookies come in as many varieties as their non-infused predecessors. The most popular kinds of pot cookies are chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, and “cowboy,” which includes candy coated chocolate.

What Is The Secret To Cannabis Cookies?

Marijuana green butter after finishing of cooking
It’s All About Cannabutter…

While people have been enjoying cannabis extracts and edibles throughout history, it has of course not always been in cookie form.The primary method of creating baked goods was using hashish and not the plant itself. Though this is the simplest way of making special cookies or other baked delights, many people choose to make cannabutter or infused oils instead.

The Secret To Cannabis Edibles, Which People Have Long Known, Is That Cannabinoids Are Soluble In Alcohol and Fat

oil n a glass jar isolated on a white background. cannabis oil for cannabis cookies.

The process of extracting the active ingredient is derived from the chemical nature: THC is soluble in alcohol and fat (which includes cooking oils and butter). This knowledge has been shown to reach as far back as 2000 BCE in bhang preparation recipes from India.Traditional methods saw the plant sauteéd in ghee, a type of clear butter, and mixed with various ingredients to make a psychoactive drink. This is a skill that takes many attempts to master and has been passed down through generations of artisans for ceremonious enjoyment.

How Are Cannabis Cookies Made Properly?

It Takes The Right Amount Of Heat

Detail of single cannabis leaf on a dish isolated - medical marijuana infused edibles concept

When making cannabis edibles it is necessary to heat cannabinoids up to an optimal temperature of 251 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to chemically alter the most abundant cannabinoid from its natural occurring state to the more recognizable active THC. The more precise the methods and instruments used, the better the resulting consumables – including cookies. This means in turn that making reliably potent cookies is best left to the experts.

Some of the better methods include double boilers, candy thermometers, and cheese cloth to properly strain the oil. Knowing how to make cookies is only a small part of what makes them good; knowing how to make infused oil reliably is the true key for aspiring bakers. It is also the greatest challenge, and the reason that most people who truly need reliable cannabis edibles choose to purchase them from professional lab tested producers. This is because measuring the ingredients used in each batch is closer to science than cooking. Special cookies found through vendors are guaranteed to deliver the same amount of what makes them special in each cookie, but the same cannot necessarily be said for the homemade kind.

Why Should You Buy Your Cannabis Cookies On-line?

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You should purchase your medical-grade cannabis cookies from a supplier who has them lab tested, and who provides you with a tracking code when your order ships. That is us.

Some other great reasons to purchase your cannabis cookies online from Cannabis Care include:

  • Buying lab tested yummy weed cookies online in Canada from Cannabis Care is safe, secure, simple, and easy.
  • It is the most discreet way of getting the cannabis edibles that you privately need.
  • Your local dispensary, if you have one, probably doesn’t lab test their edibles themselves, and may keep customer records on the premises.

When you order your weed cookies online directly from a lab tested supplier, you maximize convenience reliability privacy, and discretion.

Order lab tested cannabis cookies online in Canada today from Cannabis Care, and get to know the difference for yourself!

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