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If you are not familiar with CBD, an acronym for Cannabidiol, it is one of 113 unique cannabinoids produced by the hemp or cannabis plant. Along with THC, an acronym for Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is one of the two most potent and prominent cannabinoids out of the 113. CBD is utilized and processed by the human endocannabinoid system, where it causes specialized neurological reactions that signal the body to initiate certain immune responses.


How Does CBD Work


CBD works by being ingested into the body and entering into the human bloodstream. You can ingest CBD by swallowing a CBD capsule, smoking cannabis flower, rubbing a CBD balm on your skin, by consuming CBD tinctures, or by vaping it. Taking a CBD hemp oil capsule is the more traditional way of taking the cannabinoid if you are using is strictly for medicinal purposes.


Once the CBD oil capsule is taken, the CBD molecule travels through the bloodstream and then attaches itself to the CB2 neuroreceptor. One the CBD binds with this neuroreceptor it sends a signal to the brain to activate a strong immune system response. The response forces the immune system to attack inflammation throughout the body, causing a rapid healing effect. Dopamine is also released in the brain as part of the reaction, allowing the CBD to cause a pain-suppressing effect.


How is CBD Typically Taken


If you are taking CBD for its powerful healing or pain-suppressing effects, then it is highly likely that you will be taking it as a CBD powder capsule or as a CBD tincture. With regard to a CBD tincture vs capsule, the capsule typically contains a powder CBD, whereas the tincture is CBD in oil droplet form.


Where to Buy a CBD Capsule


CBD capsules can be purchased at any state-licensed shop or clinic. It comes in a variety of forms and strengths. You can buy a CBD coconut oil capsule packet, 10mg CBD capsule packet, CBD THC capsule packet, 25mg CBD capsule packet, or a 20mg CBD capsule packet. It should be noted that if you buy a high CBD capsule then you should consult with your doctor or primary care physician first before taking it. A doctor will help you determine what CBD capsule dosage is right for you. Some clinics even have a CBD capsule sale where they offer discount rates for wholesale or bulk purchases.


Can You Make a CBD Capsule


You can make your own cheap CBD capsule form, however, it obviously won’t be a state-regulated or extremely pure product. The beauty of buying CBD from a state-licensed distributor is that you know you are getting a clean and pure product with no unhealthy byproducts. If you are taking CBD to treat a serious illness then you should absolutely not make your own. People that make their own are typically doing so for the preventive CBD capsule benefits and the positive CBD capsule effects, they are not making or ingesting it to treat a serious health ailment.


Is CBD The Same as Smoking Marijuana


CBD is absolutely not the same as smoking marijuana. The psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana is THC. THC is the molecule that gets you high, as it binds with your CB1 neuroreceptor. This creates an altered psychological state that we all associate when getting stoned off of marijuana. CBD is completely different from THC as it binds with the completely different neuroreceptor, that being the CB2 receptor.


CBD is absolutely not psychoactive, it isn’t addictive, and you cannot get high from it even in the largest possible dose. Where the line begins to blur or become confusing is with regard to marijuana products that contain both THC and CBD. While you can smoke marijuana that contains both cannabinoids, a doctor or state-run clinic will absolutely not sell you CBD products that contain THC. If you prefer to get high while taking a CBD product then you will need to buy your CBD through a recreational marijuana dispensary. Never take a CBD and THC product to treat a serious illness unless you consult with your doctor first.


What Illnesses Can CBD Treat


Numerous research studies have shown that CBD can reduce the occurrence rate of epileptic seizures, or stop them from occurring altogether. These seizures are typically the result of a lack of dopamine and other neurochemicals in the brain and CBD stimulates the nervous system into creating them. For that reason, the seizures will stop occurring or happen far less.


CBD creates an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. For this reason, CBD has a hugely positive effect on arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and any other illness that is caused by underlying tissue inflammation.


With regard to mental health treatments, CBD has shown positive abilities to help reduce the symptoms associated with general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and PTSD OR Post-traumatic stress disorder.


Are There Any Negative Effects of Taking CBD


One of the primary reasons why CBD is so popular as a medicine is the fact that it has almost zero negative side effects in most people. In rare cases, it can cause nausea, restless sleep, anxiety, irritability, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, red eyes, and dry mouth. It should, however, be pointed out that most people do not suffer from negative side effects whatsoever. If you do experience a negative side effect then it could mean that you are allergic to CBD. If you experience any of these negative side effects while taking CBD then be sure to stop taking it completely and consult with your doctor immediately.


Are CBD Capsules Legal


CBD capsules are legal throughout all of Canada and in many states across the United States. Due to sweeping legalization over the last decade, patients are now able to enjoy all of the positive health benefits of CBD without incurring any legal problems. There is also almost no social stigma associated with taking CBD. Even though CBD is produced by the hemp and cannabis plant, most people realize that it is not the same thing as marijuana.

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