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While we have temporarily suspended sales of our own products as we transition into legalized cannabis, we are happy to help you find suitable dispensaries and CBD concentrates, which we list here on our site.

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Get the highest quality medical CBD concentrates shipped directly to your door (Canada only).

CBD Oil, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and more. Our full spectrum CBD concentrates with natural terpenes are made from hemp-derived CBD with <.3% THC so you won’t get high and can take them during the day. Read the description carefully to make sure you order the kind you prefer.

Our CBD products (except the lollipops) have natural cannabis terpenes (non-psychoactive) which enhance the medical benefits via the entourage effect. If you wish a more balanced THC/CBD profile in your medication you can add whichever of our THC products is most appropriate.

NOTE THAT OUR TINCTURE FORMULATIONS HAVE CHANGED. We now use a FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL with NATURAL TERPENES in an MCT OIL BASE. This oil is not only better medicinally, but we are now able to offer our tinctures at a much more competitive price! We understand that health challenges put a financial burden on our clients and we are always working to bring you the best products for the least cost.
CBD ConcentratesCBD concentrates are a product derived from industrial hemp and is often used in alternative medicine. Since CBD is derived from industrial hemp it is a legal alternative medicine product and should not be confused with THC oil, hash oil, or non-hemp cannabis oil.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid. Order CBD concentrates.
CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid

CBD and CBD oil has been shown to have many health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

• Natural treatment for depression and anxiety disorders
• Help managing some forms of seizures
• Improve sleep without using harmful narcotics
• Improve skin and hair texture
• Pain relief without use of addictive pain medications
• Anti-inflammatory properties to help conditions like arthritis

There are additional benefits of CBD, including the fact that it is a non-addictive natural medicine and has no known side effects associated with its use.

The Difference Between CBD and THC

THC, CBD, and CBD are all cannabinoids, but they all act differently.
THC, CBD, and CBD are all cannabinoids, but they all act differently.

It is very important that consumers understand that there is a significant difference between CBD and THC. CBD concentrates are derived from industrial hemp, not marijuana and CBD oil does not have the psychoactive properties associated with THC oil.

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana and is what causes a person to get “high.” CBD is created from industrial hemp which has been purposefully grown to not have any trace amounts of THC in the plants. Hemp does not create “buds” like marijuana, which is where the THC is most concentrated in the plant.

In addition to the specific growing guidelines, industrial hemp is processed in such a specific way to generate pure CBD that any trace amounts of the THC is removed during processing. Specific extraction methods for removing the CBD from the plants have been approved by the government to ensure that the oil remains free from any THC.

Types Of CBD Products

Buy CBD Extracts including oil, pills, capsules, wax, and more.
CBD Extracts include oil, pills, capsules, wax, and more…

There are many types of CBD products that are available on the market. Each of these has specific benefits. Your choice will depend on your preferences. Types of product currently available include:

Oil (CBD) – Sometimes referred to as Hemp oil. Consumers are encouraged to check what the product actually consists of before purchasing. Similar hemp oil, hash oil and cannabis oil is available on the market but may not be a pure CBD product. CBD is the only product that meets the requirements of the government to be sold as a natural product and should not be confused with other products that contain THC.

CBD Pills. CBD pills available in different strengths. These are perfect for those who do not like to use the oil or are not fond of the earthy taste that the oil can have if not flavored. The pills are just as effective as the oil and should be used only as directed.

CBD Capsules. CBD capsules are the most common form of CBD pills. These capsules are easy to swallow and contain pure oil. Most people prefer this method of taking CBD because it is very convenient.

CBD Tincture. CBD tincture is often referred to as CBD drops. These products are usually flavored oils that you use by pacing a few drops under your tongue or in a drink. Tinctures are the oldest ways that people used to make and take medicines before they became popular to make in pill form. Tincture is also used to add to creams and lotions to help provide skin relief.

CBD Shatter. CBD Shatter is a product that is used like CBD dabs. The product comes in a wax like form and is generally used in a vaporizer. Shatter is often mixed with honey or similar products to give it its solid form.

More About CBD Concentrates

Recently, cannabidiol has become popular for many reasons including its medical benefits. Many dispensaries have cannabidiol concentrates including pure CBD oil for sale. Cannabidiol, which is also known as CBD, is a fairly new supplement that is still being studied. Although the early results from some of the studies show promise for treating certain medical conditions, there are many individuals who are confused about cannabidiol and why it is used.

Cannabinoids and Cannabidiol

Cannabinoids are a distinct group of chemical substances, which include natural substances, found in cannabis. There are at least 85 active cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, in cannabis. Each type of cannabinoid produces a different effect, but most individuals use cannabidiol because it produces a soothing and relaxing effect without the psychoactive effect of THC.

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that makes up 40 percent of cannabis extract. The substance is completely legal and can be consumed safely. Although CBD is legal and considered a safe supplement, there are many who believe it is similar to THC. Although the two substances are both members of the cannabinoid family, it is not psychoactive like THC. Every individual has cannabinoid receptors throughout his or her body such as the cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1). Although THC and CBD interact with CB1 receptors, THC effectively binds to CB1 receptors producing psychoactive effects, but CBD does not bind efficiently to CB1 receptors.

THC Effects Versus cannabidiol Concentrate Effects

The effects of cannabis can vary based on the cannabinoid. When THC effects are compared with CBD concentrate effects, one can determine which is better suited for his or her preference. THC is primarily responsible for creating the high that cannabis is known for, which can help with sleep and regulate eating habits. A THC high may also cause an individual to feel relaxed and euphoric. However, a THC high can also produce a groggy feeling after the effects have worn off. There are many who prefer cannabidiol over THC because effects of CBD can provide an individual with relief without getting high.

Although the two compounds share the same chemical formula, the atoms that make up CBD and THC are arranged differently. The varied atom arrangement is why THC has psychoactive properties and produces the “stoned” feeling that is not seen with cannabidiol. The effects of cannabidiol are reduced psychotic symptoms, reduced anxiety, and less inflammation. Cannabidiol is also used to treat convulsions and nausea.

Cannabidiol Concentrations Can Help Treat Certain Medical Conditions

The recent rise in cannabidiol sales is largely because people now view it as an effective way to help treat certain medical conditions. It can provide individuals relief from inflammation, spasms, and severe pain. It is also used to help treat seizures, psychosis, and lethargy. There have been certain studies, which are scientific and clinical research studies, that found it may be an effective way to treat numerous medical conditions, which include:

  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Diabetes

Furthermore, it has also been suggested that cannabidiol can help treat neurological problems and infections that are resistant to antibiotics. There are various academic research facilities all over the world that are currently conducting studies based on evidence suggesting the substance contains anti-cancer properties as well as its neuroprotective and neurogenic effects.

CBD Cannabis Concentrate Products

For individuals who are interested in CBD concentrates, there are many products available. CBD in Canada can be purchased in dispensaries, which include online dispensaries. There are healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about cannabis in Canada that can help an individual decide which product is ideal for his or her needs. Here are some of the most popular CBD concentrate products:

CBD Tincture Canada and CBD Drops Canada

A CBD tincture is a liquid mixture that is typically made by mixing CBD oil with glycerin or another compound. The drops are placed under the tongue and thought to be less harsh than cbd hemp oil. Many individuals prefered method of use are tinctures. There are CBD tincture canada dispensaries that offer different varieties of this product. Those looking for pure CBD oil for sale can find the it at CBD drops Canada dispensaries or CBD tincture Canada dispensaries.

CBD Pills

CBD pills are a simple way to administer the substance and can be taken with a daily vitamin. The pills are offered with different dosage amounts, which is helpful for those who want an easy way to ensure they get the same dose daily.

CBD Wax and CBD Dabs Canada

Wax is thought to be one of the safest hemp concentrates available because harmful substances are removed from the wax during production. The extraction method used to make the wax also produces the purest form among the CBD concentrates. A CBD dab is a term used to describe how the wax is ingested. A heat source, such as vaporizer, quickly comes in contact small amount of wax. When an individual quickly dabs the the heat source to the wax, the heat will produce vapor that is inhaled. A glass pipe can also be used to do a CBD dab. However, when a glass pipe is used for wax, it will need to be heated with a blowtorch. An individual can visit a CBD dabs Canada dispensary to find out more about wax.

There are many Canadian citizens that are working hard to create a medical marijuana dispensary. Due to the excitement over gaining the ability to use cannabis products, it’s vital that every Canadian citizen follow the correct path to offer CBD concentrates.

Have you asked, “How can I buy CBD oil in Canada?” If so, this is your chance to learn more about how the cannabis plant grows, and the many healing properties it contains. Although the hemp plant has healing properties as well, the cannabis plant and hemp plant are each unique.

Some of the many benefits of using CBD oil include reducing anxiety, topical cream for various ailments, and chronic pain just to name a few. Cannabis may also be used as a cbd vape with a vaporizer, or an electronic cigarette.

Those who desire to reap the benefits of using CBD oil concentrates, should know that thc and cbd are different, but they can be concentrated together for a therapeutic effect without inducing a psychoactive reaction.

The effects of thc alone may cause some adverse side effects, as well as produce a “high” in the individual who is using it. Lower amounts of thc with higher amounts of cbd create the best combination for treating common ailments and chronic pain.

Now that current research indicates many individuals are treatment resistant for depression and anxiety, cbd oil can be used for anti anxiety purposes.

There are now numerous cbd oil tinctures being developed in Canada along with containers of cbd oil. How can you determine which cbd oil tinctures are the very best? Reviewing the cbd oil tinctures and how they were rated in Canada can help you choose the one that is best for you.

If you are considering ordering cbd oils tinctures online in Canada, you can expect them to be shipped directly to your door. Those who order medical marijuana in Canada can only have it shipped to a Canadian address.

How CBD oil works for chronic pain is uncertain, but there are more than 60 naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds. These cannabinoids are evident regardless of the form in which they occur. One of the ways it may be used is cbd e liquid. When using this for vaping, you’ll also need to consider the additives you should order.

Another way that this oil can be formulated is in cbd wax. Wax is also applied by dabbing, rather than rubbing it into the skin. Using a dabbing pen, the wax can be inhaled with a mouthpiece.

If you are planning to use cbd oil, be sure that you use a carrier oil along with it. This will ensure that the oil is properly absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream.

Canada has allowed the sale of cbd capsules online. Canada has made it possible for you to consume cbd oil via capsules, as well as through the use of the oil in bottles and as a wax.

Learning about the extraction method will help you understand how pure the cbd oil truly is.

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