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weed shatter: order cannabis oil concentrate aka shatter online in Canada
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If you are looking for medical-grade cannabis shatter, your best bet is to buy shatter on-line from a Canadian supplier who has their shatter weed lab tested and posts the results online, and who also provides you with a tracking code together with your order.

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Canadian cannabis marijuana weed pot shatter

Shatter has come into vogue lately with the popular cannabis consumption method of “dabbing.” This technique of consumption has been about for a minimum of a decade, however the advent of much more sophisticated extraction techniques have led to a flood of cannabis concentrates which have boosted dabbing’s recognition. One of the most popular of these cannabis concentrates is shatter.

How Can Shatter be Medicinally Beneficial?

Medical Cannabis Shatter in Canada
Medical Cannabis Shatter in Canada

The greatest benefit of shatter is that it delivers a potent dose of medical cannabis concentrates to those who are really in need of it.

These may include individuals coping with serious or chronic discomfort or intense nausea, who are among those the be for the greatest benefit of shatter.

Lately this somewhat alien marijuana term shatter seems inescapable: shatter dabs, shatter oil, shatter pipe, shatter wax, shatter weed, shatter marijuana, shatter vape pen, shatter hash, shatter THC. It’s enough to make a mind spin, even one that hasn’t been taking any psychoactive drugs. So, what is this shatter drug, and is it any different or less safe than regular marijuana?

What Exactly Is Shatter?

What is shatter? Shatter is cannabis oil concentrate.
Shatter is cannabis oil concentrate

Shatter is a slang term for a hard, glassy, translucent form of cannabis oil which is much more powerful than traditionally smoked marijuana.

You may think you’ve seen people smoking shatter, but actually they weren’t smoking at all. In fact, the best way to smoke shatter is not smoking it. You should vaporize it with a dab rig or a vape pen.

Shatter Versus Wax

cannabis wax vs shatter
Wax is concentrated cannabis oil too…

The difference between shatter and wax is superficial. Shatter is hard and looks like amber glass. If you drop a large flat piece it will shatter. Wax is more sticky and waxy. However, they are essentially both the same thing, concentrated cannabis oil.

How To Use Shatter: How to Vape Shatter, How to Dab Shatter

vaping shatter is the way to go

A dab rig sort of looks like glass bong, but instead of a bowl at the end it has a “nail,” which is usually a nail-shaped piece of titanium (sometimes it is ceramic or glass) that the user heats up with a torch to over 600 degrees. Often the nail gets so hot it glows red. Then the user takes another small metal stick with a bit of shatter on the end of it and holds it very near the piping hot nail. The user then inhales the created vapor. This is called dabbing, and it is a form of vaporization. Another method is the vape pen.

A vape pen for shatter is a small, handheld electronic device that usually charges via USB port, so it can get a charge from a cellphone’s wall charger or from most computers. The shatter is either loaded into the vape pens manually or one-time-use, sealed capsules of cannabis oil are purchased. Sometimes extra-versatile vape pens can also vape regular marijuana buds as well as oil. Vape pens heat up on the inside near where the cannabis oil or buds are. This causes the active ingredients of the marijuana to vaporize.

The benefit of a vape pen is convenience, the benefit of a dab rig is they generally provide larger hits and a more potent buzz.

How to Smoke Shatter

You can smoke shatter if you want, but it's not highly recommended
You can smoke shatter if you want, but it’s not highly recommended

How do you smoke shatter? It is possible to smoke shatter conventionally in a pipe, just make sure you’re holding the flame away from the oil and smoke it slower than you would smoke buds. You want the oil to bubble lightly and steadily. Although smoking is an option, vaping shatter is definitely the preferable way to do it for both health and money-saving reasons.

Smoking oil is a waste of an expensive product, much of the active ingredients are burned away rather than consumed. More importantly, vaporization is inherently a safer practice than smoking. Smoking is a forest fire, vaporization is a misty mountain morning. Although there have been no links between smoking marijuana and lung cancer, doctors have reported wheezing and coughing in heavy pot smokers, as well as some precancerous lung changes.

Vaporization is what weed shatter is made for. Along with edibles it is the future of marijuana consumption. On top of the health benefits it provides a more clear-headed, potent, and enjoyable high than what you get from smoking.

Is There CBD-Only Shatter?

There is a specific type of cannabis oil called CBD oil. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. CBD-only oil does not intoxicate the user, so it is safe and ethical to use medicinally on small children or any other patients who don’t want to get high. It is a very useful medicine which treats may ailments and symptoms from epileptic seizures to cigarette addiction to acne.

How to Make Shatter

Dont make your own shatter, leave it up to the professionals and enjoy lab-tested, guaranteed potent shatter delivered discreetly!

(If you must read on, the following is for informational purposes and should in no way be considered a guide on making shatter. Seriously – leave it to the pros!)

Before understanding how is shatter made it is important to know that cannabis shatter is divided into two categories based on how the oil is extracted from the plant. There is BHO shatter and CO2 shatter: butane hash oil and carbon dioxide oil. These are simply different extraction processes. Both products will induce the desired effects in the mind and body of the user.

Making shatter is simple chemistry on paper, but you only have to read a few accounts from oil-makers online to learn that there are many ways you can screw it up, or in the case of making Butane Hash Oil, even hurt yourself.

Here is one simple version of the BHO process. The BHO process is very dangerous as butane is highly flammable, so it should only be practiced legally and by experts Marijuana buds are packed into a long, cylindrical glass container. Butane is slowly dripped through the buds and out the other side. It falls through a filter and into a glass dish. The butane is then evaporated out. What remains is Butane Hash Oil which then hardens into what is commonly known as shatter.

The CO2 extraction process is safer. In fact CO2 is so safe for consumption that CO2 is what makes soda carbonated. It is also better for the environment. Unlike BHO, it does not release carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

To create cannabis oil carbon dioxide (CO2) is cooled and compressed until it liquefies. This liquid is then filtered through marijuana buds. The CO2, like butane, extracts the essential oils.

The CO2 process is helpful in the medical marijuana community as it makes it more possible to isolate and extract other cannibinoids besides the famous THC and CBD, thus making it possible to find more medical uses for marijuana in the future. Ideally, this latest technological breakthrough of CO2 will give scientists and growers the ability to work together to produce brand new strains of marijuana which are specifically bred to fight certain physical and mental ailments.

Get Lab-Tested Shatter Online In Canada Today. Order Now!

More About Shatter and Cannabis Concentrates

Vaporize pens are a discrete and effective way to refresh your high while in public or around others. Yielding less smell than smoking green marijuana flower, you can feel more free to toke up in places you may have felt hesitant to do so before.

Using marijuana concentrates has become a popular way to get a great high while taking less hits, making it more time effective and easier on your lungs. Wax pens are relatively cheap and are sold at most dispensaries in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Using a vape is really easy, simply requiring that you put your form of choice into the cartridge and having battery power to begin to produce satisfying vape vapor.

Vaping THC concentrates is a great way to ensure faster acting results for both recreational and medicinal users. For many, a problem arises in finding an appropriate way to use the wax to get the most out of it. This can require a dab oil rig and the use of a blow torch or some other concentrated heat source. To make concentrates mobile, someone had the great idea of creating oil and wax pens that are capable of tapping into the magic of the substance without needing any sort of extensive accessory. Never has it been easier to reup your high anywhere that you are, with most of these accessories small enough to fit discretely into your pocket.

Use of this kind of technology allows you to partake in smoking even the thickest of wax oil or shatter concentrates while cutting back or eliminating your exposure to toxins. Using a specifically designed atomizer to isolate the compounds in concentrate extracts, it allows the unit to heat up in a matter of seconds. Most concentrate pens use this method, known as conduction, to heat up their coil, generally recognized as the best way to consume wax.

Concentrate dabs allow you to get your THC fix in less hits with the added possibility of using them on the go. While some pens are very basic and only use pre-filled cartridges to deliver their effect, there are also some all-in-one models that allow you to use any form including flower, wax, oil, or other concentrate.

The market for wax oil concentrates is growing quickly as the marijuana industry grows in scope and popularity. As the sub-market continues the find success, the need for information about the different ways and forms that are at our disposal. The three main types of concentrates are shatter, budder, and oil. Budder is a form that retains higher levels of terpenes than some of its sister forms, which can have the result of producing a less potent but flavorful hit. Taking an oil dab is arguably the harshest of the three. Also known as butane oil dab or honey oil, it is a sticky flavorful liquid that is known for being messy and inconsistent. Shatter dabs are known for its glass-like appearace, considered the purest and smoothest type of concentrate.

It is worth knowing the difference between solvent-less and solvent free marijuana concentrates. While solvent-free is a form of refining the cannabinoids and putting them into the form of a cartridge or concentrate, producing a very potent and pure product. Solvent-less THC concentrates are made without using any butane or other hydrocarbon, including products such as flower rosin and fullmelt. Consuming products that don’t use additional hydrocarbons is considered to be a healthier choice for both the lungs and the body in general. Butane or other substances of the kind have a depressant effect on the central nervous system, having the effect of slowing down brain activity and impacting physical and mental response time. Beyond the immediate effects, it is also considered to have other longer ranging impacts. Taking care to limit your inhalation of these sorts of compounds is an important step toward healthy and guilt-free consumption.

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more normalized and more people are becoming attracted to trying it. The big question though is, “How will it affect me?” Which will usually be followed by, “Well what’s the best way to take it?” Hopefully, this article well help shed a little light on some things and really help you along in your journey.

The method of consumption can affect the effect to some degree, so spend time choosing your method. There are quite a few different cannabis consumption methods, but, we are going to cover some of the main ones that are out there. Dry herb is probably the most widely known and the classic. Dry herb refers to the flower of the cannabis plant that has been dried and cured. You would use this in a glass pipe, to roll a joint, or to make things like edibles or concentrates. The effects of dry herb depend mostly on the strain itself, not so much as to how it is consumed. However, it has been argued that using a glass water pipe is the way to go to experience the full effect of each strain.

There is also a vast array of vaporizer pens. You have your regular vape pens, dab pens, and wax pens. The vape method works by a super heated ceramic coil that burns or turns your product into a vapor, which is then inhaled. These are all made from different cannabis extracts or cannabis concentrates. There are a few different kinds of extraction methods for getting the best and purest THC. They all start with plant material and through the use of a solvent or something else, the THC is extracted. Some involve using carbon dioxide to extract the THC, while another method uses butane to come up with butane hash oil or bho. Some extraction methods are also used to make oils and tinctures, which are great for patients who are unable to smoke or vape their product. One of the most expensive and most sought after forms of these is shatter. Your location decides on how much is the shatter. There is also cbd shatter as well for those who do not need the THC. Many argue that these are the best methods for getting the full effect of the THC and all the naturally occurring medical benefits.

You can also make edibles or hash. Making edibles can be a really fun way to consume. There are many great recipes out there that are catered to cooking with cannabis. It is also an amazing addition to any already existing recipe that you might have. Most dispensaries also offer pre-made edibles, too, like candies, chocolates, and baked goods. Be mindful of the amount of THC in them though, although most laws state that a pre-made edible cannot contain more than 100 mg of THC, it does not hurt to be extra careful and makes absolutely sure.

There is also hash. Hash is made from the trichomes, or crystals, on the flower of the cannabis plant. There are a few different ways to do this, the easiest probably being dry sift hash. The process of making dry shift hash involves taking your product and putting it on a screen which is usually held over a bucket or something to catch all the trichomes falling off the plant. Then you rub the product back and forth on the screen, this takes off all the trichomes and they fall through the screen into the bucket below.

There are many different ways to consume cannabis and theses are just a few. So make sure you take your time and choose the best on e that works for you.

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