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About Hybrid Strains

Hybrid cannabis is a cross of indica and sativa strains. Some hybrid cannabis exhibits more characteristics of sativa strains and are called Sativa Dominant. Others are closer to a pure cannabis strain, and these are called Indica Dominant strains. Both are considered hybrid weed, but each will produce slightly different effects.

The Difference Between Hybrid Indica and Sativa

The difference between hybrid indica and sativa comes from the type of marijuana plant used.

Indica cannabis produces feelings that users describe as a “body high” or feeling “stoned.” Some common effects of indica strains are a feeling of deep relaxation, pain relief, and stress relief. Indica strains are commonly used by those with insomnia or pain conditions. Recreational users enjoy indica strains when they want to relax.

Sativa strains are described as giving a “mind high” that increases energy and creativity. Sativa strains boost appetite, creative thinking, and mood. Sativa strains still provide pain relief, but they do not produce a heavy or sleepy feeling. This makes them a popular choice for daytime use.

Hybrid weed combines the effects of sativa and indica strains. The effects felt by the user depend on which type of weed is dominant in the strain.

Indica Dominant: Strains that are indica dominant will produce feelings of relaxation primarily, but will include feelings of creativity and energy as well.

Sativa Dominant: Strains that are heavier in sativa will produce primarily energetic feelings while reducing pain.
50/50 Hybrids: Some hybrids are an even mix of sativa and indica strains. These hybrids will often produce an equal amount of relaxation, pain relief, energy, and increased mood.

Popular Hybrids

There are countless hybrid strains available, and each will have a slightly different effect on its users. While the dominance of a hybrid can help determine the feelings it will produce, some well-known hybrids are known for their specific effects.

Girl Scout Cookies is a Sativa Dominant hybrid commonly used for pain relief. It also produces feelings of happiness, relaxation, and creativity.

White Widow is a 50/50 hybrid that relieves pain, relaxes the body, and increases energy. This is a potent strain that only requires a small amount to produce effects.

OG Kush is an Indica Dominant strain commonly used for the relaxed, happy feeling it produces. It reduces stress and pain while giving a subtle mind high that users find appealing.

Hybrid cannabis is an increasingly popular option for medical and recreational users alike. Sativa dominant hybrids give a mind high that increases creativity while it reduces pain. Indica dominant hybrids are a common nighttime option for relaxation. 50/50 hybrids provide the best of both types of cannabis, and can be used at any time of day.

Showing all 11 results