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Indica cannabis is a type of cannabis that exhibits its own unique pain relieving and psychoactive effects in users when compared to sativa cannabis. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and has recently been legalized in many states for recreational use as well. Users enjoy the body high and mind euphoria provided by these strains.

Origin of Indica Cannabis

Cannabis indica has been cultivated for thousands of years in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to produce plants with broad leaves and potent buds. Some particular strains are produced with the highest possible levels of CBD (cannabidiol) while others are developed to maximize the psychoactive component THC (tetrahydrocannibinol). Originally used for its healing properties, Cannabis indica is now cultivated for recreational use in the United States and other countries. It can be grown outdoors or indoors, and is prized for its fast production of buds.

Effects of Indica Cannabis

The effects of indica strains can be described as a body high or “stoned” feeling. Indica weed produces strong feelings of relaxation and restfulness that can last for hours. This can lead many users to feel sleepy or merely extremely relaxed while using an Indica strain, and many users prefer indica strains for nighttime use as a result.

Instead of the cerebral high that comes with sativa strains, cannabis indica produces a complete body high while the mind remains less affected. The psychoactive components in indica strains produce a rested and peaceful state of mind rather than an excited or energetic one. Many experience a calm, euphoric lift of mood while using these strains. Some may experience a giggly, bubbly mood when using these strains.

Medical Use of Indica Cannabis

Indica cannabis is most common for treatment of pain and stress disorders. It is used to treat chronic pain including joint pain, back pain, and pain associated with injuries. It can also be used for more common pain such as headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle soreness. Chronic pain patients commonly use edibles or topical applications as well as traditional smoking.

The relaxing effect is used to treat those with insomnia and anxiety. Patients with depression enjoy certain strains that give a calming euphoric effect to elevate their mood.

Patients with seizure disorders, muscle spasms, and epilepsy have found that indica is the most effective type of cannabis for these symptoms. Some use cannabis regularly to control their symptoms, and others only use cannabis occasionally when symptoms become more severe.

Cannabis is used to treat multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancer, and HIV/AIDS. These illnesses should only be medicated under the direction and supervision of a doctor who can monitor its effects on the patient.

For users that want a relaxing way to end their day, indica is a popular choice. Most enjoy the relaxing feeling in the evening as it helps them transition from a busy day to a peaceful night of sleep. Even those who do not suffer from a sleep disorder like insomnia report that these strains help them get a deeper, more restful night of sleep.

The feelings of bodily heaviness and relaxation make indica weed a common choice for nighttime use. While it can be used during the day as well, most people feel too tired or lethargic to complete regular daytime activities.

Showing all 9 results