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The energizing sativa high makes it an in-demand product and incredible user experience. True aficionados would say smokers have not smoked until they experienced it. Its potency derives from its high THC content, which has highly activating and cerebral effects. Many people who prefer it will not consume anything else.

It originates in regions close to the equator and including parts of Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Southeast Asia and Thailand. It has played a role in many ancient civilizations and cultures. Some cultures employed the herb to perform religious ceremonies, connect with spiritual essences and spark divine connections. Today sativa cannabis is available at fine cannabis dispensaries nationwide.

What Are The Medicinal and Therapeutic Uses of Sativa Cannabis Strains?

Doctor writing on prescription blank and bottle with medical can

The strength of sativa weed makes it an optimal medicinal marijuana pain reliever, appetite stimulant, anti-depressant and migraine solution. As a non-drowsy alternative to indica weed, which puts users in a deep relaxed state, it is easy to use in the daytime without sleepiness.

The Sativa Weed Plant

Woman holding hemp flowers

Sativa is a member of the Cannabaceae Hemp family. Its name is derived from sativus, the Latin word for “sown” and “cultivated.” The sativa weed species is distinguished from the indica weed species by its height, leaf span and optimal growing environment. It also has a lower chlorophyll content, so is best grown outside with sunlight. Outdoor growing is also best to accommodate its potential to grow up to 20 feet tall. Most plants average a height between 8 and 12 feet.

Its leaves are long and thin rather than short and wide like indica plants. Like the leaves, the finger-like buds are also long and thin. It takes from 10-16 weeks to mature after initial flowering. The plant’s duration is annual.

Sativa’s seeds are used to make hempseed oil, a healthy cooking ingredient and source of lamp fuel. Its flowers, leaves and resins may be processed and smoked, vaporized or taken in pill form. The flowers and leaves may also be prepared as teas and tinctures.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains tend to be highly robust, aromatic and flavorful. The buds of Sativa cannabis produce spicy, earthy flavors and tremendously strong, sweet scents. This leads to highly distinctive, enjoyable sativa strains. Many popular ones have been around since the 1960s and 1970s. It would be easy to start with one of these widely-available strains.

Hybrid and cross-breed strains with indica will balance and smooth some of its potent, psychoactive and stimulating effects.

The Sativa High

Green Cannabis (Marijuana) leaf in cup of tea isolated on white

Sativa differs from the other, indica form of cannabis in the high it inspires. Once an ancient mystic divination tool, its purpose was to inspire telling visions and information more than to relax and soothe. For its heightened energy and sensory effects, the sativa high may be best experienced in the daytime. Sativa cannabis users may expect a high characterized by:

  • psychoactive perception
  • a state of euphoria,
  • energy and vitality,
  • increased purpose and activity,
  • brilliant colors and sharpened imagery,
  • and heightened sensitivity.

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Cannabis comes in a plethora of strains. Each strain has its own benefits, so it behooves you to take a look at the benefits of taking each strain of cannabis available. Let’s get a closer view of a few of the most popular strains and take a closer gaze into the types of cannabis and what they can do for us.

Sativas & Indicas

Cannabis Sativa

The seeds of the cannabis sativa plant can be used to make hemp oil, for cooking and industrial uses. The flowers and other parts of the plant contain cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are used for spiritual, medical and recreational reasons. They can be consumed by smoking, vaping and by eating the produce. Cannabis sativa can be hallucinogenic, sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hypnotic, and stress relieving. However, sleep problems and some types of mental health and neurological issues may be worsened by using the products of sativa plants. Using cannabis sativa hybrid strains produce an uplifting high which is a boosting way to start your day.

Jack Herer

A contrast to Indica is the Jack Herer variety of cannabis. Jack Herer is a sativa dominant strain of cannabis named after the marijuana activist Jack Herer. It was bred to capture a high as well as a rich resin production. The plant has been described as scented like piney, spicy, earthy and woody. The strain has won awards for being both high quality and potent. This enlivening strain of marijuana was created in the mid-1990s and was medically distributed shortly thereafter. If you have issues with depression, try some Jack Herer. Users describe Jack Herer as being useful for creativity, mood enhancing and giving a person focus. It takes about 50 70 days for this strain to bloom, even indoors.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison remains a trendy choice for a happy high-providing sativa. This hybrid strain is a 100 percent sativa strain. For a refreshing shot of energy to get stuff done through your day, choose Durban Poison’s sweet smokiness for a burst of focus and activity. It contains a high quantity of THC and works well for individuals with ADD and similar mental issues. Some of the feelings you’ll experience with Durban Poison are:

• Uplifted.
• Energetic.
• Happy.
• Euphoric.

Durban Poison smells like:

• Citrus.
• Pine.
• Sweet.
• Earthy.
• Herbal.
• Spicy.

Use Durban Poison for:

• Depression.
• Fatigue.
• Stress.
• Pain.
• Stress. One of the typical side effects of this strain of marijuana is anxiety, so if you are treating anxiety, use with Durban Poison cautiously.
• Negative thoughts.
• Increases appetite.

If you need to replace drinking caffeine, this might be the kick you need to get you started in the morning. Get inspired and energized with Durban Poison.

Amnesia Haze

If you want a happy start to your day, start it out with Amnesia Haze. This hybrid strain of marijuana remains uplifting and will give you a burst of energy that is lovely in the morning. It won first place in the Sativa cup in 2004 and 2012 and is a favorite in Amsterdam coffee shops. Amnesia Haze has an earthy, citrusy and lemony taste, and originated in Jamaica and Southern Asia. The happy buzz lasts for at least two hours, yet is mild enough to use before you go to bed.

Indica Strains of Cannabis

Cannabis Indica originated in areas of the world that experienced colder temperatures in the winter and hot weather in the summer, as in Pakistan and Tibet. Its leaves are shorter and thicker than many varieties of the cannabis plant. Cannabis Indica is shorter in general and produces a smaller yield, but there are a strong punch and potency in this little plant. Indoor marijuana growers prefer to use this strain of marijuana plant. The flavors and scents of Indica include:

• Pine.
• Skunk.
• Earth.
• Sweet.
• Sugary.
• Rosemary.
• Sage.
• Pine.

Because Indica has a significant level of CBD (cannabidiol) levels, it brings on a sedative effect with noticeable pain relief, especially for muscles. Some individuals may refer to this as feeling stoned. Your legs may feel the relaxation effects, making Indica an excellent option for those with leg pain and neuropathy. Indica also works exceptionally well for such health issues as:

• Muscle spasms.
• Chronic pain.
• Anxiety and nervousness.
• Nausea.
• People who need their appetite stimulated.
• People who have trouble sleeping.

Individuals who want relief from cancer treatment’s side effects use Indica for a break from nausea and pain of cancer treatment. Because of the sedating effects of this strain of cannabis, caution should be used while driving, using machinery, and so forth. Be prepared to relax if you use Indica. Other disorders that benefit from the use of Cannabis Indica include:

• Multiple Sclerosis.
• Sleep apnea.
• Fibromyalgia.
• Rheumatoid Arthritis.
• Neuralgia.
• Lupus.

One characteristic to look for in an Indica product is the amount of THC it contains as compared to the amount of CBD the plant holds. Breeders have become more aware of this issue, and are beginning to breed higher levels of CBD back into the plant, as high CBD levels are needed for their medicinal benefits.

There are two primary cannabis strains, sativa, and indica. Pure sativa cannabis or marijuana tends to produce a much more invigorating and energetic high, often referred to as the “get stuff done marijuana strain”. Smoking or ingesting a sativa form of marijuana is unlikely to cause the user to get “couch lock”, a term used to describe a type of severe lethargy that some marijuana users experience after consuming the plant. Sativa strains tend to produce a body high rather than a cerebral high.

The second primary strain of marijuana is cannabis indica. Indica strains of marijuana tend to produce a much more sedating high and will typically put someone into an extremely relaxed and introspective state of being. An indica will cause “couch lock”, especially if it garners a high THC level. Indica strains are typically smoked or used by marijuana enthusiasts at night to help them sleep, or before settling in to watch a long movie. Indica strains produce a far more cerebral high compared to a sativa.

Sativa vs Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Where the topic of marijuana strains can get confusing for people unfamiliar with the subject is when we discuss hybrid strains. Hybrid cannabis strains are the result of breeding a pure sativa strain cannabis plant with a pure indica cannabis plant. The result will end up being either a hybrid plant with more sativa dominant properties or indica dominant strains that produce more of an indica type of effect when smoked or consumed. Broken down in simplistic form, if a plant is more indica leaning genetically, it will be referred to as an indica dominant hybrid strain. If the plant is more sativa dominant genetically than indica, then it will be referred to as a sativa dominant hybrid.

What is a Sativa User Likely to Experience?

Sativa marijuana users are likely to feel a fast onset of energy within seconds of smoking or eating the flower. It is not uncommon to feel a body high, which typically feels like a slight energetic buzz or vibration pulsing through your arms, legs, and body core. Sativa users also often feel a strong desire to socialize. For this reason, sativa marijuana is the preferred strain to take before a party or social event that might require you to show up with an energetic and sociable disposition.

Rather than sitting on the couch and watching a movie or taking a nice long relaxing nap, a sativa user may feel the urge to do some light or heavy gardening, play a game of basketball, or workout at the gym. Energetic sativa highs also rarely cause a comedown effect, similar to what you might feel after consuming a large amount of caffeine by way of a strong cup of coffee.

Why Are There So Many Marijuana Strains?

Marijuana users, botanists, researchers, and scientists have been heavily breeding and cross-breeding marijuana strains for several decades now. This heavy breeding process has created thousands of credible and recognized cannabis strains, particularly over the last two decades. Since each cannabis strain produces a totally different high, there is a tremendous novelty factor in creating a new plant strain in order to produce a more desired marijuana high. Some of the world’s most popular cannabis strains include sour diesel, lemon haze, silver haze, Jack Herer, and many others.

Beyond recreational reasons to breed or cross breed a cannabis plant in order to create a new strain, there is also a strong medicinal incentive to do so. Many cannabis strains are much more conducive to medical marijuana users and patients due to the pain relief properties and sedative cerebral effects that they produce.

Are Sativa Strains High in CBD?

There are two main categories of cannabis plants, hemp plants, and marijuana plants. Hemp plants are known to have high CBD levels and only trace amounts of THC. Marijuana plants, on the other hand, have much less CBD naturally, however, new strains are being created all the time that contain large volumes of both THC and CBD within the dried flowers. Typically due to its more medicinal conduciveness, indica marijuana strains tend to be grown with a much higher CBD level than what is normally found in a Sativa strain. There are, however, several well-known sativa strains rich in CBD such as Harlequin, Ringo’s gift, sweet and sour widow, and many others.

Where Are The Best Sativa Strains Grown?

As any recreational or medicinal marijuana user will tell you, the best marijuana grown on earth comes out of the Pacific Northwest, which stretches from Southern Oregon, through Washington State, all the way up to British Columbia. It’s not so much the weather that is in this area that creates the best cannabis in the world, rather it is the culture. The Pacific Northwest has the strongest cannabis culture on the globe, putting Amsterdam to shame. If you want to find the best sativa strains in the world, look no further than this area. For example, if sativa is your strain of choice then try some flower out of Oregon that might include sour diesel, green crack, strawberry cough, maui wowie, candyland, or cinex. Once you’ve tried any of these popular strains grown in Oregon or even Washington State then you’ll likely agree that it is the best marijuana in the world, hands down.

What’s Better For Legal Homegrowers, Sativa or Indica?

If you live in a state or part of the world where it is legal to grow a marijuana plant, then you might have wondered which strain is better to grow, a sativa or indica? Most expert marijuana growers will tell you that indica strains are usually far easy to grow than sativa strains, as indica has a shorter flower period. Indica strains also typically produce a far larger marijuana yield, thus making them a grower’s favorite. Sativa strains take longer to flower, produce less bud, and tend to be bigger and thus harder to trim and manage, especially if you are low on adequate growing space.

Are Sativa Strains Used Often For Medicinal Purposes?

Sativa strains are not typically used for medicinal purposes. They do not possess the same pain relief or sedative effect that the medicinally preferred indica plant produces. Most medicinal cannabis users have trouble sleeping, eating, and relaxing, thus the hyper-stimulating effects of a sativa are likely to be extremely unpleasant to a medical patient, especially one that is chronically fatigued. A sick or ailing person that uses sativa will not likely get a healthy burst of energy from a sativa, rather it is more likely that they will get an extreme bout of restlessness or suffer from an anxiety attack.

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