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The energizing sativa high makes it an in-demand product and incredible user experience. True aficionados would say smokers have not smoked until they experienced it. Its potency derives from its high THC content, which has highly activating and cerebral effects. Many people who prefer it will not consume anything else.

It originates in regions close to the equator and including parts of Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Southeast Asia and Thailand. It has played a role in many ancient civilizations and cultures. Some cultures employed the herb to perform religious ceremonies, connect with spiritual essences and spark divine connections. Today sativa cannabis is available at fine cannabis dispensaries nationwide.

What Are The Medicinal and Therapeutic Uses of Sativa Cannabis Strains?

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The strength of sativa weed makes it an optimal medicinal marijuana pain reliever, appetite stimulant, anti-depressant and migraine solution. As a non-drowsy alternative to indica weed, which puts users in a deep relaxed state, it is easy to use in the daytime without sleepiness.

The Sativa Weed Plant

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Sativa is a member of the Cannabaceae Hemp family. Its name is derived from sativus, the Latin word for “sown” and “cultivated.” The sativa weed species is distinguished from the indica weed species by its height, leaf span and optimal growing environment. It also has a lower chlorophyll content, so is best grown outside with sunlight. Outdoor growing is also best to accommodate its potential to grow up to 20 feet tall. Most plants average a height between 8 and 12 feet.

Its leaves are long and thin rather than short and wide like indica plants. Like the leaves, the finger-like buds are also long and thin. It takes from 10-16 weeks to mature after initial flowering. The plant’s duration is annual.

Sativa’s seeds are used to make hempseed oil, a healthy cooking ingredient and source of lamp fuel. Its flowers, leaves and resins may be processed and smoked, vaporized or taken in pill form. The flowers and leaves may also be prepared as teas and tinctures.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains tend to be highly robust, aromatic and flavorful. The buds of Sativa cannabis produce spicy, earthy flavors and tremendously strong, sweet scents. This leads to highly distinctive, enjoyable sativa strains. Many popular ones have been around since the 1960s and 1970s. It would be easy to start with one of these widely-available strains.

Hybrid and cross-breed strains with indica will balance and smooth some of its potent, psychoactive and stimulating effects.

The Sativa High

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Sativa differs from the other, indica form of cannabis in the high it inspires. Once an ancient mystic divination tool, its purpose was to inspire telling visions and information more than to relax and soothe. For its heightened energy and sensory effects, the sativa high may be best experienced in the daytime. Sativa cannabis users may expect a high characterized by:

  • psychoactive perception
  • a state of euphoria,
  • energy and vitality,
  • increased purpose and activity,
  • brilliant colors and sharpened imagery,
  • and heightened sensitivity.

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