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What Exactly are TCH Edibles?

THC edibles refer to any food or drink that contains a high enough concentration of THC to benefit the consumer. These should not be confused with the benefits of edibles high in CBD. The difference between THC and CBD comes down to a user’s immediate reaction upon onset of the chemical. The side effect of THC is often called “psychoactive.” This is because THC can immediately cause both the mind and body to relax. The user will likely experience immediate stress and pain relief, feelings of happiness, and an increase in appetite as some of the main benefits. CBD will provide an effect more like ibuprofen. It will relax, but won’t really sedate. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce pain, but it won’t have the immediate sweeping relief that THC provides. So, the difference between THC and CBD content in edible products is important when making a purchase.

What kinds of THC Edibles are available?

THC Edibles available for online ordering include the classic cannabis brownie....
THC Edibles available for online ordering include the classic cannabis brownie….

A variety of THC edibles exist on today’s market. The products range from THC cookies and THC brownies to gummy bears, chocolates and other hard candy infused with THC.

These products are typically infused with THC in two main processes:

One process involves using THC infused oil and butter when the recipe calls for regular butter or oil. When prepared in this manner, the entire batch made will be infused with THC.

Some users, parents with children in particular, like to use tinctures. These are liquids infused with high-THC cannabis and are typically dispensed by an eye dropper. Add a drop or two on whatever cookies and brownies the adults want to eat, and voila! You now have THC cookies and THC brownies. The benefits of edibles prepared in this manner is that you can still have baked products available for those not consuming THC, and you can provide different concentrations of THC to each edible.

The benefits of THC and the benefits of THC edibles are still being discovered. While the cannabis plant has been a part of society for many years, it wasn’t until the last 15 that states were able to start concentrating on the benefits of consuming cannabis, rather than just the legalities involving it. In the past, people had to take the risk of producing edibles illegally. The benefits could not be shared because of the risk of prosecution. More products being available today means that more knowledge will be shared among the people benefiting from its use.

THC Edible Cookie Treats

Why might I want to buy my THC edibles online?

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Are THC Edibles Safe to Use/Consume?

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As evidenced by the recent nationwide votes in many states to legalize medical and recreational marijuana use, the popularity of the cannabis plant is rising steadily. While smoking the cannabis plant is still one of the most popular ways of receiving its benefits, it’s not the only way.

Many people who need the benefits of THC and CBD, two of the main chemicals in the cannabis plant that contain medicinal properties, are unable to smoke the plant’s flowers for a variety of reasons. Even those people who can smoke cannabis still find there are healthier ways of receiving its benefit. Since cannabis’ recent rise in popularity, products such as vape pens, oils, waxes and other concentrates have hit the market so people can benefit from the THC or CBD without receiving the negative health impacts of smoking.

One of the most popular, healthy and safe forms of cannabis use comes from consuming THC edibles. The benefits of THC edibles include everything from more accurate dosing to less stress on the throat and respiratory system.

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