Complete Your Order With An E-Transfer Payment

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased from us before please note that we have recently changed (August 27) our payment email so you may have to change this in your bank “e-transfer recipient list” if you are still using the previous payment email address.

Complete your order now:

  1. Login to your online banking, and choose e-transfer payment.
  2. IMPORTANT: Use YOUR NAME as the “recipient name” when adding us as a payee in the e-transfer section of your bank account. This makes it much easier for us to find and process your order quickly and efficiently. Often we can’t process an order at all due to lack of this information. DO NOT put any notes, salutations or comments in the e-transfer payment you are sending. If you have already added us as a payee with a different name, please delete this recipient and re-add us with YOUR NAME.
  3. Send an e-transfer payment for your order total (including shipping, if any) to [email protected] The secret question should be “What is my order number?” Use your 6 digit order number as the answer to the secret question. 

After your e-transfer payment has been completed, a tracking code will be emailed to you for your convenience. Please be patient while we process your e-transfer payment and order. Alternatively the ‘Direct Debit’ payment solution is much faster and we encourage people to use it when they can. For any questions or concerns please use Live Chat on our site or contact [email protected]