Payment Options

Paying direct from your bank account via Interac® Online

Here is a short video briefly explaining the process. When they refer to “clicking on our logo” they mean the logo of your bank or name of your credit union from the list of available institutions.

CannabisCare has partnered with DebitWay to offer our customers INTERAC® Online Payment services, which allow them to pay for goods and services online, directly from their own bank account in real time, with the utmost security and confidence. No personal financial information (such as bank account numbers, passwords etc) are shared with CannabisCare.

When customers choose INTERAC® Online as a payment option, they are automatically redirected to Interac’s website, where they choose their participating bank or credit union. INTERAC® redirects the customers to the same login page that they use for their regular online banking transactions. Once logged in with their usual user name and password, the customers can choose to complete the payment from any account they have available (eg: chequeing, savings). When the payment is complete they are automatically returned to the CannabisCare website.

Please Note: The above process description has been greatly simplified in the interest of brevity. While the actual process is complex, the time to complete a transaction requires only a few seconds!

It’s simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

The customer chooses the INTERAC® Online payment option at the CannabisCare checkout page

The customer is then re-directed to their online financial institution, logs in, chooses the account they want to pay from, and completes the payment

The customer is then re-directed back to CannabisCare’s website with the payment status