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Using Cannabis To Treat Depression

Using Cannabis To Treat Depression

What Is The Hype?
Recently, we have seen a huge shift in attitude in regards to cannabis and the people who use it. It has been a long haul, really, to get the general public to see that cannabis is not the evil drug we have been led to believe. More and more, we are learning that there are profound medicinal benefits in cannabis and we continue to get favorable reports. However, it is still difficult to overcome decades of stereotypes and the impetus to keep cannabis and those who use it on the “naughty” list does pose a problem.

Cannabis has been prescribed by doctors as far back as the early 80’s. Even then, people saw that the benefits of this amazing plant far out weigh the risks. There has been so much negative rhetoric, however, that many people have a hard time believing it, even those in charge of making our laws.

Legally, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning they say it is as bad as heroin and worse than methamphetamine, and is illegal in every country in the world except Canada. We have discovered through extensive research that they are very wrong, but getting caught with it in most of the United States may still put you in jail unless you have your medical marijuana card.

Using Cannabis For Depression
That being said, many people wonder, is cannabis an hallucinogen, stimulant, or depressant?(is cannabis hallucinogen stimulant depressant) The answer is not quite that simple. Studies have shown that depending on the strain and the person using it cannabis can be each of those things, but is not strictly or even always any of those things. Everyone is different and as such everything effects individual people differently. Some strains have properties that make the user feel sleepy while other strains can make the user feel energized. There are very few cases over all where the user hallucinates. If your question is, “Is cannabis a depressant or a stimulant?”, the answer is: It can be.(is cannabis depressant) However, cannabis use for depression is on the rise.

With the new information available, many people now wonder what specific illnesses can be successfully treated with this controversial plant or derivatives of it, such as cannabis oil. The answer is there are many such illnesses. Using cannabis for bipolar depression has become more common as those who suffer from bipolar disorder often have terrible side effects from many types of prescription medication.

Cancer patients have been prescribed marijuana for decades, both for the nausea people feel from various treatments of the disease and the loss of appetite that often accompanies the disease. Most of the symptoms stemming from cancer can be alleviated by smoking cannabis or with some other method of using cannabis.

Some other conditions are insomnia, major depression, and anxiety, just to name a few. Everything from psychological problems to issues with your central nervous system (CNS) can be treated with cannabis. In fact, using certain cannabis strains for depression can treat other conditions simultaneously, such as issues with your CNS. You may wonder how cannabis helps depression and the answer is that many strains of cannabis give you feelings of happiness and euphoria. At the very least there are some that make you feel uplifted or even giddy.

Using cannabis to treat depression is better for you in various ways than using pharmaceutical anti depressants because the side effects of cannabis are less harmful. Zoloft, for example, can actually cause worse side effects than the symptoms you are trying to treat. Naturally, if you mean to use cannabis for depression the dosage should be discussed with your primary care physician. No matter the amount you use you will still gain some relief from using it.

Best Cannabis Strains For Depression
There are quite a few strains available and there seem to be more every year. It is very difficult to keep up with all of them so this is where we help you out a bit. This list of the top five cannabis strains to use for depression should help. They are:

  • AK-47 -a hybrid that can be used to treat depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Jilly Bean- an energizing hybrid that can treat depression
  • Lemon Haze-a potent variety that is uplifting and great for treating depression
  • Jack Herer- uplifting with happiness and creativity and is great for depression
  • Harlequin- great for enhancing focus and treating depression

Light It Up
While there are still many people who stand firm against cannabis, many more have decided to think outside the box and see it for its virtues. With all the new research and studies that show that cannabis can be very effective for treating a variety of conditions. There have been more people choosing to use it to relieve chronic pain rather than risk becoming addicted to pain killers. Some studies have shown that there was increased dopamine activity in the brains of some schizophrenic patients immediately after smoking cannabis, but that could be because of the patient’s existing condition and possibly using the wrong strain.

You want to get the strain that will work the best for you and whatever condition you suffer. Dispensaries are filled with staff that can answer your questions and steer you towards the right strain. You should ask how to use cannabis oil for depression(how use cannabis oil depression) if you would rather use the edible method. Do not be afraid to ask because getting the wrong strain will not be as helpful as having the ones that will work.

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