Purple Candy Kush POPCORN


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Strain Info

Strain Name: Purple Candy Kush (smalls or popcorn bud)
Type: Indica
Grade: AAAA
Nose:  AAAA – Strong sweet scent
Taste:  AAAA– tastes like a nice kush mixed with some tropical candy with a bit of lemon hint.
Burn:  AAAA- Smooth burning with a very clean Ash. Appears to be well flushed.
Visual: AAA Small popcorn style buds.  Stem snaps, product is dried properly

Info: Purple Candy Kush is an indica dominate strain with a very high THC content. Like most strains there are debates of who had it first and how it is made but it is believed to have been originally a cross of OG Kush and Purple Wreck that was further crossed with a Godzilla Grape strain. The result is what we now call Purple Candy Kush.

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