The Cannabis Care Potency Guarantee

Have you wanted to order cannabis online, but you weren’t confident that it was all on the level?

Perhaps you wondered if you would even receive your product – and how could you know that what you receive is exactly what you ordered?

How do you know that your cannabis products are consistently potent, so you can control your dosing?

The answer is to choose high quality cannabis products with guaranteed potency.

The Cannabis Care Potency Guarantee

All Cannabis Care cannabis buds, THC edibles, CBD Edibles, and cannabis extracts are guaranteed to have consistent potency, as advertised.

  • To achieve this guaranteed potency, we submit all our products for independent potency testing (Performed by Phytatest Laboratories)
  • In addition to our initial testing, we periodically and randomly re-test all products for potency assurance
  • All of our product potency lab test results are made freely available online
  • Our suppliers are rigorously evaluated and selected based on their capacity to provide consistently potent cannabis products, and we work closely with them to ensure that this happens

All this means that when you order cannabis products from Cannabis Care, they will be exactly what you ordered. Potency guaranteed.

Want To Know More About Our Potency-Guaranteed Cannabis Products?

Please contact us if you have any questions about our potency guarantee, how we test our products, or anything at all – we’d love to tell you more!